Why choose a local business?

Glossy brochures, so many television adverts, showrooms everywhere and all across the UK. I understand why customers may fall into the trap of automatically assuming that big, national brands are the best choice when doing home improvements.

However, we also know large business come with a catalogue of unhappy customers. Being pressured into buying every possible product or service and waiting on the phone line are just two things that regularly pop up in reviews online.

So what’s different and how will you benefit from choosing a smaller, local company?


What about the installation teams? Don’t assume that by choosing a national business that their installers are part of that organisation! Most large companies subcontract their work out to local fitters in Buntingford. Unfortunately, this means that if anything was to go wrong with the installation, it’s no longer anything to do with the national business and you’ll be left to sort out the mess.


After service? sorry, sir/madam what is that. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a necessary element of any business, especially a home improvement company like Bill Holder Home Improvements. With the bigger companies, you’ll often find yourself stuck in a call queue or you don’t even get the answer your looking for. At least with us you can get through to me, yes Bill the owner.

It goes without saying that there are good and bad national companies, as well as good and bad local companies. So it is always worth doing your research, and definitely looking for reviews online! With Bill Holder Home Improvements In Buntingford, you can find our 5 star reviews on facebook.

At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference, and whatever you can afford. Just remember, that although sometimes not well-known, you can 99% of the time put your faith into a local company, and in turn, not only support Buntingford and Royston but also know you’ll end up with a high-quality product and all important service.